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Charger 48V 5A (fast)

Charger 48V 5A (fast)

Ideal for Perut TREK, RACE

  • Price: 99 € incl. VAT

Availability: 3 days

Automatic rapid in alu box for LiFePO4 (lithium-ion) batteries 48V. Brand charger in aluminum housing and with active cooling. The charger is truly made for Europe and thus meet all European technical and safety requirements. Not only that is labeled with the CE, but it really is up to these standards also made.

Charging Current: 5A
Charging voltage: 58,4V (54,6V Li-ion)
Standard DC Out connector: XLR 3-pin male

Protected by the fuse 10A
Active cooling fan.


Short-circuit protection
Overload protection
Reverse polarity protection Output
2x LED indicator
Active cooling fan
aluminum packaging
Automatic switching from charging to maintenance state after charging.

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