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Eretic Snow Scoot

Eretic Snow Scoot

A true feeling of freedom. You no longer have to put rigid boots for snow sports or carry a heavy and cumbersome equipment.

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A new form of snow sports whatsoever in ski resorts, snow parks or in your hood. Everyone will find this fun, the Eretic snowscoot is inter generational.

Carved skis

The only snow scooter for all generations

Weight only 4,9 kgs (as opposed to 15 kgs snowbikes)

The best materials used: Aluminium 6061 and CrMo 4130 (heat treated to T6)

Bars: 680 mm (h) x 600 mm (w)

Deck: 130 mm (w) x 570 mm (l)

Front ski: 150 mm (w) x 360 mm (l)

Rare ski: 150 mm (w) x 610 mm (l)

Pivotal fork system: A pivot system at the fork for better handling

Interchangeable parts: All Eretic snowscoot parts can be replaced easily.


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