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Kostka Twenty Pro 3

Kostka Twenty Pro 3

Scooter TWENTY 3 edition PRO is a sports and also design and stylish scooter for the most demanding customers of all ages.

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Perfect technology and workmanship is solved with respect to the design and elegance of even the smallest details. First-class driveability use clients especially when driving in harsh extreme conditions.
Scooter TWENTY 3 PRO is suitable for longer and shorter hikes along paved and unpaved roads. The best feeling in mountainous areas with long, challenging descents. Thanks to its flexible copes easily with mild terrain, it is therefore necessary to ride just after the asphalted trails. On the contrary, the scooter can not even gravel or unpaved forest path. Due to its smaller size it is not strange movement in a crowded city traffic.
Safety Scooter TWENTY 3 PRO provides high quality disc brakes Shimano Deore hydraulic. Specially developed two-chamber rims shock resistance, they have high rigidity and durability.
Tires are chosen with regard to the universal character drive and versatile surface roads - high quality casing Schwalbe Marathon Racer.
This model can be free to choose the color option of CUBE range of colors.

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