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Kostka Racer 4

Kostka Racer 4

Scooter KOSTKA RACER 4 is a sports scooter designed for active sports community - not only for daily training, but also for the racing action.

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CUBE RACER 4 has increased stiffness and strength, which significantly influences the achievable speed. CUBE RACER 4 is not only fast, but also elegant and perfectly processed machine.
Scooter KOSTKA RACER 4 is based on a number of innovations that significantly affect handling and speed rider.
Innovative geometry was ...
significantly increased stiffness scooters
to reduce the height of the frame
to reduce the ride height tread
to enlarge the space for reflection rider facilitate dynamic sporty ride
to improve handedness and dexterity
Footbed the bottom side is provided with a special welding, thus increasing the rigidity and durability of the lower frame.
All these parameters directly affect driving performance and increase the potential for a dynamic sporty driving.
Drivability is achieved KOSTKA RACER 4 belongs to a fast sports machines suitable for professional and recreational sport.
Increased driving comfort contributes to narrowing foot traffic for use 65 mm rear hub. The tapered tread minimizes contact with scooter riders.
The driving force CUBE scooters RACER 4 wheels are strung on the hubs (width rear hub 65 mm). Wheels developed specially for the cycle to achieve a higher rigidity while significantly lower rolling resistance. Remerx bullets are produced on industrial bearings, especially for sports cycling. Achieve extreme stiffness and higher are equipped with flanges for reasons of resistance to lateral dynamic forces.
High braking effectiveness is ensured by precision machining of bearing surfaces for the brake bicameral rim. Shock resistance, they have high rigidity and durability.

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