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Re-Ha Maxi 3

Re-Ha Maxi 3

The company KOSTKA prepared for people with reduced mobility special scooter RE-HA 3.

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KOSTKA scooters RE-3 HA welcome not only a handicapped person, but also the elderly and people suffering from loss of balance. Its advantage is the possibility to erect sitting position to facilitate the use of one or both limbs as a support to increase the stability and maintain a balance. Scooter KOSTKA RE-HA 3 also serves as a perfect rehabilitation aid (after surgery of hip and knee joints, etc.), And as an ideal tool to facilitate the normal everyday movement.
Forget the health constraints, difficulty in mobility or impaired balance and enjoy life to the fullest!
Scooter KOSTKA RE-HA 3 seat fitted with a holder for rehabilitation sticks (crutches) replaces the traditional bounce for adults. The rider can choose the riding technique - cycle or as a toddler. Seat with adjustable suspension is suitable for children and adults (stature is necessary to specify in ordering!).
Scooter KOSTKA RE-3 HA helps people suffering from Parkinson's syndrome, arthritis, joint disease. Develops psychomotor only young, but also older. Facilitates the movement of persons with partial endoprosthesis legs and those with hip endoprosthesis.
To scooter Kostka HA RE-3 helps?
Those who need the body to stretch, strengthen and improve the overall health and fitness.
Scooter Kostka HA RE-3 is suitable for elderly people of advanced age.
When riding a bike feels unsafe. Scooter regain this confidence thanks to the minimum height of the tread and continuous contact with the ground in both legs.

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