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Kostka Mushing

Kostka Mushing

Scooter KOSTKA MUSHING is sporty scooters for mushing, cross-country rides and sporty trips with the dog.

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Scooter KOSTKA MUSHING meets the high requirements of demanding clients and is a good starting scooter professional mushers. Mushing scooter is fully equipped - including guides, flexible adapter and front fender.
enhanced tread with anti-slip, which gives lots sounož
elegant white suspension fork enables comfortable sports riding terrain
modified geometry that improves overall handling characteristics especially when riding downhill
Hub of aluminum alloy specially made for circulation. Charges on industrial bearings with higher rosettes better resistance to lateral dynamic forces
newly designed lightweight handlebars
Gel Grips
a dual wheels specially developed for the cycle
improved passability scooters cornering
Scooters wheelbase by 30 mm
greater comfort and more space for reflection rider
part scooters Mushing is a special adapter and flexible dog leash
weight of the entire scooters 12.8 kg max. load 150 kg

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