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Kostka Rebel Fold

Kostka Rebel Fold

Superlight foldable scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold the urban scooter for every weekday.

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Among its main features include excellent handling characteristics and super light weight. Composed scooter has a small overall size for easy carrying eg. The stairs.
Folding scooter dice cubes REBEL Fold weighs only 5.8 kg. Dimensions folded scooter is only: width 22 cm, height 64 cm, length 120 cm.
Folding scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold is made of high strength (CrMo) steels. Numerous technological innovations together with the used components ensure perfect ride comfort. That is why the scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold suitable not only for the city but also for shorter trips.
Especially when climbing stairs appreciate scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold as a faithful helper: scooter simply inserted into specially made bags that will fit easier.
Unique design
Elegant in white handlebar is inserted functional carrying case into which you can store not only the windbreaker with a wallet and a transparent film under the top mobile phone but a lot of other necessary accessories, which are needed for driving. Folding stem is elegant Anodizing treatment and complements the overall lightness and balance. Curves understated black or red are highlighted with white lines and accessories. Red charge only 65 mm wide Foot perfect finishing touches to the concept of urban scooters, for which everyone likes to rotate.
Charges on industrial bearings REMERX
Clamshell brakes PROMAX
Frame and handlebars from (CrMo) steels
Stem KOSTKA FOLD can be briefly described as both simple and ingenious system to minimize a dimensional scooters.
This is a unique stem, allowing folding handlebars 180 degrees in the XY axis. The body of the stem consisting of three parts is made of a special aluminum alloy. Axis stem and fittings are made of stainless steel.
Scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold is not only a designer záležitosí but functional scooter possessing the minimum weight and lowest dimensions (folded). And together its excellent driving characteristics scooter is destined for convenient transportation city.
CUBE scooters REBEL Fold can be equipped with a transport bag. BIG BAG FOR REBEL FOLD
Folding time: 7 sec
Material: Dural 6061 T6
Handlebar diameter: 22.2 mm (classic BMX)
Hole to plug: 25.4 mm, 1 "ahead
Body Height (with forks): 42 mm
Axial length: 80mm
Angle: 0 °
Finish: anodized
Weight: 420 g

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