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KOSTKA STREET FOLD is scooter with 16 inches wheels. for better storability.

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The whole concept is built on a shorter tread and minimal offset, which ensures excellent maneuverability. It would seem that these parameters may adversely affect the speed and overall driveability. Wrong - scooter is not only surprisingly agile, but also very fast. Shortened tread confine space for riders on the contrary - it offers enough space for comfortable movement and reflection. Footboard is zespodní side podvařen and reinforced reinforcement in the shape of a horseshoe. Carried innovation not only ensures higher stiffness, but also protects the most stressed spot in contact with inequality. Innovative tread padded reinforcement, we will apply the standard for other models of the middle and upper classes.
Fast and comfortable ride reaches STREET FOLD through charges on industrial bearings, twin-wall rims and Schwalbe Marathon Racer cloaks, and not just because of them. Pleasant driving experience contributed greatly to the overall geometry and increased frame rigidity. Therefore, it is perfectly STREET maneuverable urban model, but also fast predator, used to winning. CUBE STREET FOLD is equipped with a folding stem CUBE STREET FOLD, which allows tilting and turning the handlebars, which must welcome the one who needs a scooter to transport, transfer and storage operations in melee or apartment.
CUBE STREET FOLD allows an increase in foot traffic through the spacer ring, which facilitates passability in difficult terrain. STREET is of course also possible to equip a flexible adapter for attaching the leash. When driving welcomes the rider comfortable grippy mounted ergonomic BMX handlebars. CUBE STREET is fitted as standard brakes Shimano Alivio, headset 1 1/8, preparing for mudguards and rack. STREET will be painted in a reflective green, matt white and matt black dignified. To avoid corrosion inside the frame, the frame is surface-treated and painted from the inside of the frame.

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