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Kostka Tour 3

Kostka Tour 3

KOSTKA TOUR 3 is universal sport model for riders of any age.

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Thanks to its driving characteristics of this model is a great place for hiking trips and even on unpaved roads. 26-inch front wheel increases pass through terrain, therefore the scooter TOUR 3 feels very well in moderate terrain and on gravel and forest roads. Advantages of perfect riding comfort particularly appreciated by the rider during longer trips. Scooter KOSTKA TOUR 3 is equipped with a high-quality jacket Schwalbe Marathon Racer and brakes Shimano Alivio. High braking effectiveness is ensured by precision machining of bearing surfaces bicameral rim. Specially developed rims shock resistance, they have high rigidity and durability.
Scooter KOSTKA TOUR 3 is based on a number of innovations that drastically affect driving performance, comfort and speed of the rider. The biggest change is a new concept in the frame, where the major changes include a new angle frame tubes, new front fork angle and change the angle of the rear fork and including connection to tread. The base frame is tapered innovative concept. With all these changes is the scooter more passable cornering, especially during fast rides. During development emphasis was placed on optimal stiffness for perfect rider comfort. The result of all the changes is to achieve exceptional driveability, which positively affects the speed of the scooter.
The driving force scooters TOUR three wheels are strung on the narrow hub (width 65 mm). Wheels developed specially for the cycle to achieve a higher rigidity while significantly lower rolling resistance. Remerx bullets are produced on industrial bearings, specially for cycling. Achieve extreme stiffness and higher are equipped with flanges for reasons of resistance to lateral dynamic forces. Handlebar height is fixed and for persons with a height of 195 cm is recommended to increase the height of the handlebar with the optional stem. Scooter TOUR 3 is equipped with handlebars MTB, which can provide an elegant carrying case MTB used for easy storage of small things, like. Phone, keys, wallet, but also anoraks or spanners.
Footbed the bottom side is provided with a special welding, thus increasing the rigidity and durability of the lower frame and protects the scooter when potential collision situations.

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