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Kostka Rebel Kid

Kostka Rebel Kid

Scootes for children since 4 years old. One of the lightest scooters you can buy.

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Its main advantages include excellent handling characteristics and said low weight, only 5.0 kg.
Adjust your child's scooter REBEL KID for their grown children!
The big advantage is the opportunity to buy discounted called. Grow-up set containing higher handlebars with extended brake cables. Scooter, it is possible to adjust the size of the child to adult sizes. This makes it possible to obtain a standard scooter suitable not only for the city but also for shorter trips. Frame made of high-strength steel (CrMo) and used industrial bearings give the scooter a perfect driveability. Color design reflects the overall design lightness and balance. Decent black curves are highlighted with white lines and accessories. Red charge only 65 mm wide Foot perfect finishing touches to the concept of urban scooters, for which everyone likes to rotate.

Alu handlebar width 480 mm
PROMAX distance brake levers are adjustable for a small child's hand
REBEL KID has different grips suitable for shorter grip baby's hand

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