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Manufacturer: SXT

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based on the SXT COMPACT H300, we have developed the new SXT COMPACT ULTIMATE. As you can guess from the name already we topped the technical details once again and it is probably what one currently associated with the most ultimate of compactness, ride comfort, versatility, performance, battery life and weight on the market.

Installed are 9 inch wheels with pneumatic tires at front and rear side. The much larger wheels compared to its little brother help that this model can also be used off paved paths and roads, which is rather difficult and impractical with other models with small wheels. Also a consequence of the larger tire is that the ride comfort and driving stability is greater than it would be with small wheels.

The higher performance also requires an upgraded braking system - therefore the front and rear axles are fitted with high performance disc brakes in order to bring down the scooter quickly and safely to a halt.

The SXT COMPACT ULTIMATE is powered by a 600W brushless DC hub motor on the rear axle. Energy is fed into the system from the installed 48V 15,4Ah Li-Ion battery. This enormous battery capacity of 740 Wh allows max. ranges depending on conditions of up to 50 km.
The enormously torquey engine allows max. speeds up to 40 km/h - these are possible to limit electronically, because this model has three  speed modes that can be controlled easily via the LCD display. The speed level can be set as desired on 16 km / h 24 km / h or 40 km / h.

The weight is just a bit over the COMPACT H300 and is 21.5 kg. Due to the larger dimensions of the vehicle itself, as well as due to the larger battery. The maximum load capacity of this model is 120 kg and the handlebar is height adjustable in 2 stages.

Technical details:

Weight (batteries incl.)   21,5 kg
Battery type   Li-Ion battery 48V 15,4Ah  (740 Wh)
Operating costs per 100 km   approx. 0,60 € !!!
Max. speed   3 speed levels - 16 km/h, 24 km/h, 40 km/h
Motor output   600 Watt
Motor type   brushless DC hub motor
Range   up to 50 km (terrain depending)
Max. payload   max. 120 kg
Material   6061 T6 aluminium
Lightning   none
Brake light   no
Power transmission   hub motor
Brakes   front and rear disc brake
Suspension   front wheel shock absorbers
Wheelbase   86 cm
Chassis clearance   10 cm
Height, length, width (folded)   40 cm / 108 cm / 20 cm
Handle bar height   112 / 120 cm from floor (adjustable)
Tires   pneumatic tires 9x3.00-5 (Ø 23 cm / width 5 cm)
EU Street legal (EEC)   no

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