Vurtego V4 PRO


Vurtego V4 PRO

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Bouncy pogo stick for those who do not want to compromise. The height of the jump up to three meters! Read more

Manufacturer: Vurtego

585 € incl. VAT

629 € incl. VAT Discount 44 €

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Nothing better in the world market session. Nearly zero friction, easy jumps, just great. We were blown away when we first tried this one pet.

Friction is limited to 40%
Jump up to three meters
About 5 cm adidtional slide shaft stroke than V4 Vurtego
Smoother and softer rebound
A self-lubricating plain bearings

Available sizes:

  • Large - 183 cm and more
  • Medium - 162 to 180 cm
  • Small - 142-160 cm

If you're on a range of sizes and will attract mainly tricks, choose a smaller model. Higher model is more fighting altitude records :-)

Určení: Adults
Princip: Pneumatic
Nosnost: 30-50 Kg, 50-80 Kg, 80-120 Kg

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