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Mibo Royal

Mibo Royal

Fast, secure and stable for easy terrain. Designed for children from the age of 12 and adults up to 200 cm.

  • Price: 519 € incl. VAT

Availability: 7-10 days

ACTION: This scooter set of fenders for free

Length 160 cm, height 88 cm handlebars, ceiling height 45 mm, height of pedaling 65mm, weight 11, 9 kg.

Shipping dimensions:
133 cm x 60 cm x 17 cm

Folding steel frame, wheels Profi Novatec P- 20 "+ Z- 20" 32 Alu, double walled rim, P + Z brake shoes Shimano 4000 and 4000 Shimano brake levers, folding handlebars Ergotec, screw foam grips, Ahead stem ZOOM, Pneu Schwalbe Road Cruiser P + Z 20x1,75, integrated stand, bell.

Capacity: 150 kg Warranty: 5 years

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