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Scalar Pendant

Scalar Pendant

A diameter of 4 cm. Why is this pendant is exceptional - it's extra strong source of scalar energy - it's practically the strongest emitter of negative ions due to their volume and hmotnosti- it is a purely natural product made exclusively for our company

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What is a scalar energy?

The answer to this question we are looking for a very long time. When a famous physicist Maxwell predicted that energy and other famous physicist Nikola Tesla proved its existence, mankind thought that we won. Discover the source of ever emerging endless energy has been and will always be an attractive target.

Unfortunately, people wasted the opportunity to use the genius of Nikola Tesla, who took their findings to the grave. Nowadays, we can use only a fraction of this infinite power through specially made products. The exact grouping of natural minerals can (like crystals) of the scalar energy release. On this principle works well as a pendant SBS SCALAR ENERGY.

The constant influence of true scalar product, however, we gradually "recharge" their batteries and thus improve their lives. Indeed, every cell in our body is actually a tiny battery, which works under tension 70-90mV and frequency of 7-8 Hz. At the same frequency is tuned i pendant SBS SCALAR allowing transmission of scalar energy to our body. A side effect of emitting scalar energy is also strong emission of negative ions, which, as we know, are very important to our body.

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