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The bracelet contains these 4 measured and documented elements: Infrared Reflective zářičTerapeutický neodymium magnetEmitor beneficial negative iontůMylar hologram SBS FORZA BALANCE Read more

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Why is the effect of negative ions beneficial to us and important?

Negative ions are naturally occurring component of air. It is "activated" oxygen atom, which in high concentrations found in nature, in wild running water, clean woods like.
However, in an environment where we live is the amount of these atoms small to negligible, and that's why so many in our neighborhood thrive allergies, fatigue, and other diseases of civilization.
Thanks bracelets SBS FORZA ENERGY, however, you can have your own piece of pure nature always with you to ensure its surroundings increased levels of negative ions. Effects of negative ions are proven to improve the ability to manage civilization stress and increases protection from EMF (EMF). The difference that you feel is really huge.

Reflective infra - deeply warms the point of contact. By exploiting human warmth that reflects back a concentrated form of naturally helps to improve microcirculation, activates cell membranes and helps increase the effects of other elements bracelet SBS FORZA ENERGY.

Magnetotherapy - the beneficial effects of the influence of magnets known mankind since time immemorial. Treatment and polarization of ions flowing in the blood, this method helps to faster healing and recovery, improvement of oxidation and metabolism.
Negative ions (tourmaline and germanium) - bracelet itself is extremely strong emitter of negative ions, which has beneficial effects on our entire organism. Negative ions are emitted as the actual bracelet and stone in the germanium stainless steel buckle.

Germanium - This rare silvery metal is a natural emitter of negative ions released when in contact with human body. Many studies have demonstrated a major positive impact on our bodies. Not surprisingly, the germanium is almost always included in water hot springs.

Hologram FORZA - SBS FORZA BALANCE is a proven technology using special holograms, which have a positive effect on the natural human energy field and dramatically improves balance, strength and flexibility. The resulting effect is a higher physical performance in sports and in everyday life.

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